The index rate is a relative composition of the audience that is targeted by us watching a specific network. This is a very powerful rate that is the key to understanding where we have a comparison to be made. This is also called a metric that represents a position relative to top competitors across key products and brands. The Index rate here measures a ratio that explains a value relative to the value in a specific month. The help of search engine optimization is also taken here. The index point figures for each point in time tell what percentage we are standing currently in a given value. This is a basic marketing tool used nowadays. Most of the time, it is used to compare consumer product usage or to better understand the traffic, or to compare the sales. The data considered for the index rate is raw. By observing this data, it becomes much easier to get a visual idea of where the product stands. These are also divided according to brand development or category development. At the start of the month, almost all the work is done by our team, but other than the links are also indexed every month by 70-100%.
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